All Academic - Shine University

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering B.E. Civil Engineering
B.E. Geo Informatics
B.E. Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering B.E. Mechanical Engineering
B.E. Material Science and Engineering
B.E. Mining Engineering
Department of Printing Technology B.E. Printing Technology
Department of Manufacturing Engineering B.E. Manufacturing Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering B.E. Industrial Engineering
Department of Aerospace Enginnering B.E. Aeronautical Engineering
Department of Automobile Engineering B.E. Automobile Engineering
B.Tech. Automobile Engineering
Department of Production Technology B.E.Production Engineering(Full time & Part time)
Department of Rubber and Plastic Technology Engineering B.Tech Rubber and Plastic Technology Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
Faculty of Information & Communication Engineering
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Full time & Part time)
B.Tech. Information Technology(Dual Degree)
Department of Information Technology B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Full time & Part time)
B.Tech. Information Technology (Dual Degree)
Department of Electronics Engineering B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering
Faculty of Science & Humanities
Department of Media Sciences B.Sc. Electronic Media
Faculty of Technology
Department of Chemical Engineering B.Tech. Chemical Engineering (Full time & Part time)
B.Tech. Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals Engineering
Department of Ceramic Technology B.Tech Ceramic Technology (SS)
Department of Textile Technology B.Tech Textile Technology (Full time & Part time)
Department of Bio-Technology B.Tech Industrial Bio-Technology
B.Tech Food Technology
B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Department of Architecture and Planning B.Arch